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Ali Sam - Erapa


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Here we go with chapter 10 of Ali Sam - Erapa Open Source Movie Challenge. We are recording all the episodes in beta version before we work on being creative and or talented. Bunnie Stop Production wants you to do one video. Do it up. John Rah's Kitchen Studio has been short of visitors the last few days. So you are stuck with Steve reading the beta.

Entertain Your Best Ideas. Record something you never thought of unitl today. Use the episode code. Put your link in our beta episode at bunnie stop production on youtube. Your video will get listed. Be clever for one episode. Be the first with a 361,063 viewed video.

The mighty networking procedure.

The video links are a simple tree:


The trunk is the Book ID: as - is for Ali Sam

The six big branches are: _ep1 - e is for Erapa. That is this Ali Sam Book. p is for part: p1 to p6.

The 36 chapters are _01 to _36.

The episodes of a chapter are defined by the last number. _001

This code will make it possible. And the hash tag: #as_ep2_10_001.

You can make the visuals according to your own perception of reality. Read it to a goat at the farm or a fish in the lake. This is fiction. Do not murder anyone. None of the technology is fiction. That is all the new real. Our next big move. From ocean dwellers to land dwellers. To becoming the gods of the galaxy.

Some of this is for children and some isn't.

Ali Sam - Erapa

chapter 10 _ therefore i kill


< -- Start as_ep2_10_001 text -- >

Zara woke up with the sun on her face. It felt a little odd. There was an angel smiling at her. She smiled back.
“What happened.”
“You looked so much like the sleeping beauty that I had to kiss you.”
“I don’t mean the kiss. Why is the sun shining.” ...

... to god their devotion by the killing of animals or torturing themselves. They do feed the dead to the vultures. Or used to.”
In Zara’s family they sacrificed humans regularly. And that was just as bad as killing chickens.

< -- End as_ep2_10_001 text -- >

as_ep2_10_001 read by Steve

Steve and friends read Steve Howard's Ali Sam - Erapa. Open Source Movie Challenge.

Ali Sam - Erapa


< -- Start as_ep2_10_002 text -- >

Unsolved murder cases in Caracas numbered well above the solved. Kids were on the loose with guns and someone was shot every day. Some places got better over the years. Caracas and the rest of the country had spun out of control.
Herez spent his time on the cases that were out of the ordinary. ...

... “What priests.”
“The same time a few priests died in an attack on Aruba.”
“Some Islam extremists, like they said in the news.”
“Don’t be a dick, Frazetta.”

< -- End as_ep2_10_002 text -- >

as_ep2_10_002 read by Steve.

Steve and friends read Steve Howard's Ali Sam - Erapa. Open Source Movie Challenge.

Ali Sam - Erapa


< -- Start as_ep2_10_003 text -- >

Zara was pleasantly surprised that she really enjoyed the sermon. She found the conclusion a little illogical and the song singing and praying a bit too culty but the sermon was very clever.
She had to maintain many different smells. Most of the smells were artificial. She had the most trouble with them. She’d rather share an elevator with a hamburger ...

... Zara could have called Stanford. He was available always. Insisted he was. Calling an Uber was easier and faster. She pulled out her smartdevice to call and an attentive cab driver spotted her and slowed down when she looked at him. She turned to wave at Suzanna before getting into the back of the cab to ponder what moves to practice on the lunch guest.

< -- End as_ep2_10_003 text -- >

as_ep2_10_003 read by Steve

Steve and friends read Steve Howard's Ali Sam - Erapa. Open Source Movie Challenge

Ali Sam - Erapa


< -- Start as_ep2_10_004 text -- >

The normal Sunday lunch at the Prescott’s was not an event where guests could be invited to participate. From a non-Anthropophagus point of view it was a horror journey. Non-Anthropophagi had their vague moral codes and grand ability of denial. Most carnivores didn’t eat their own species but that did not make them less brutal. Intent as far as any given animal might have such ability ...

... “Okay, my clever little girl.”
“Was that a decision.”
“You ask your friends on the team. Tuesday is not a busy day for us. You let me know how many coaches and parents want to come and we’ll set something up.”
“Okay, I’ll see who wants to come.”

< -- End as_ep2_10_004 text -- >

as_ep2_10_004 read by Steve

Steve and friends read Steve Howard's Ali Sam - Erapa. Open Source Movie Challenge

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