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Ali Sam - Erapa
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Entertain Your Best Ideas

Ali Sam - Erapa presented by Bunnie Stop Production.

We are doing this. From wherever you are whenever you please. We would love to link your Ali Sam - Erapa video.

Entertain Your Best Ideas. Record something. Use the episode code. Put your link in our beta episode at bunnie stop production on youtube. It will get listed. We will try to bumped our videos down with yours and better ones we make. Be the best for one episode.

Very simple. The proceedure:

First read some of the book. Or all of the book twice.
Pick an episode you like, record it and put it online.

The video links are a simple tree:


The trunk is the Book ID: as - is for Ali Sam

The six big branches are: _ep1 - e is for Erapa. That is this Ali Sam Book. p is for part: p1 to p6.

The 36 chapters are _01 to _36.

The episode of a chapter is defined by the last number. _001

This code will make it possible to find you. Put the hash tag thing in your discription of your video: #as_ep1_05_008

Everyone do a little. And we will make a mighty movie. Be part of bunnie stops production open source movie challenge.

Some of the story is violent, not for kids, but there are also many children's stories. That's because Sally loves to write them. Even Artemis wrote a few. And Zara wrote a few dark poems. They all become killer friends.

Help us have a lot of fun.

< -- Ali Sam - Erapa Part 1/6 -- >

chapter 01 _ billy takes sally for a joy ride

chapter 02 _ sally and billy head for canada

chapter 03 _ sally and billy first assignment

chapter 04 _ sally and billy in brussels

chapter 05 _ sally writes a story

chapter 06 _ sally works with caprice

< -- Ali Sam - Erapa Part 2/6 -- >

chapter 07 _ crime of the century

chapter 08 _ zara and suzanna

chapter 09 _ zara visits suzanna

chapter 10 _ therefore i kill

chapter 11 _ killer friends

chapter 12 _ blussah and franco in aruba

< -- Ali Sam - Erapa Part 3/6 -- >

chapter 13 _ killer faces

chapter 14 _ sally and billy go west

chapter 15 _ blussah meet angela’s lover

chapter 16 _ randy reads a book

chapter 17 _ zara feeds herself

chapter 18 _ thywill bedon

< -- Ali Sam - Erapa Part 4/6 -- >

chapter 19 _ zara writes poems

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